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You can contribute to Pueblo Unido’s mission by making your monthly donation through fundraising platform ActBlue. It’s easy to set up: Click on the 'ActBlue Donation Setup' button below, and then check the box that says “Yes, Count Me In!” under the “Make It Monthly” section of the form you’ll be directed to. Thank you for your support!


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How to Donate


PayPal and Monthly Donations





Make check payable to Pueblo Unido PDX, and mail to:
17405 NE Glisan Street
Portland, OR


Why Donate?

Pueblo Unido’s mission is to empower and provide resources to Latinxs with vulnerable immigration status, and to advocate for solutions that build just communities. We help people navigate immigration legal services, advocate for effective representation, and support evidence-gathering to strengthen cases against deportation.

We need your support to expand upon our work, reach more people in our community, and continue providing services at no cost to our clients. Your contribution to Pueblo Unido PDX will go towards:

  • A legal defense fund to help people facing deportation hire immigration attorneys and have the best possible chance to win their cases; and
  • Staff salaries and organizational start-up to increase our capacity for case management that protects immigrants’ rights.

YOU are a vital part of keeping families together and helping us realize our vision of a just and resilient community for all.

Our Legal Defense Fund

The Pueblo Unido PDX Legal Defense Fund directly supports Portland metro community members in the fight against deportation. Your donations to the Legal Defense Fund help pay for:

  • Consultations with immigration attorneys;
  • Retainer fees for attorneys to take on removal cases;
  • Mental health evaluations, which provide valuable support to Removal Defense cases;
  • Communication fees so people in detention can speak with attorneys and loved ones; and,
  • Bonds to get people out of detention.

With your support, we will help more Portland metro community members win their cases against deportation, get out of detention, and reunite with their loved ones.

Pueblo Unido PDX is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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