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For detention or removal cases

At Risk of Deportation?

If you are currently detained or facing removal proceedings in the Pacific NW, please contact us. We help people navigate immigration legal services, advocate for effective representation, and support evidence-gathering to strengthen cases against deportation. We do not charge for our support services.

Contact: 503-912-8925;

*Disclaimer*: Pueblo Unido PDX is not a law firm; we are not attorneys and we do not offer any legal advice. Instead, we help connect clients to experienced immigration attorneys and follow-up to ensure they receive the advice they are seeking.

Support for Those Facing Removal

If you are facing deportation and would like legal aid with removal defense, you can:

  1. Hire a private immigration attorney to represent you;
  2. Request that a nonprofit legal service provider take on your case at a reduced cost (compared to private representation);
  3. Seek informational materials created for pro se respondents (those that represent themselves in immigration court) and guides for relatives of detained immigrants. *Please note*: These publications are meant to provide useful basic information about immigration law and detention center protocols. Under no circumstances do they constitute legal advice.

If you or someone you know would like support in searching for a removal defense attorney, nonprofit legal service provider, or informational materials for detained immigrants and their relatives, contact us at 503-912-8925 or

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