Volunteer Committees

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If you are interested in volunteering for Pueblo Unido, please send an email to pueblounidopdx@gmail.com with your name, email, and the committee you are interested in volunteering with!

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List of Committees

Community Outreach Committee

The Community Outreach committee is responsible for:

  • Event tabling
  • Door-knocking
  • Phonebanking
  • Writing a newsletter

Fundraising/Event Planning Committee

The Fundraising/Event Planning committee is responsible for:

  • Planning community events and fundraisers
  • Donation solicitation
  • Grant writing
  • Online fundraising

Social Media Committee

The Social Media committee is responsible for:

  • Managing Pueblo Unido Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
  • Frequent posts on all platforms

Interpretation/Translation Committee

The Interpretation/Translation committee is responsible for:

  • Remote translation of external communications and materials
  • Live interpretation at events

Tech Committee

The Tech committee is responsible for:

  • Developing and managing the Pueblo Unido website
  • Supporting material development and graphic design

Research and Material Development Committee

The Research and Material Development committee is responsible for:

  • Conducting research and writing summary memos/briefs for internal use
  • Compiling and developing case management resources
  • Creating volunteer resources (volunteer handbook, interest forms, etc)


The film/photography/videography committee is responsible for:

  • Directing and producing Pueblo Unido informational and promotional videos;
  • Taking photos and videos at events
  • Creating/editing content for social media promotion