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Pueblo Unido is powered by our volunteers and support from community members, organizations, and local businesses. By volunteering with Pueblo Unido, you help grow our organization and increase capacity to fight deportation and reunite families in our community.

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Our volunteers meet monthly. For upcoming meeting dates and times, please contact us via email or Facebook.

Interested in full-time or part-time work with Pueblo Unido? Visit our Job Openings page to learn more about how you can connect with Pueblo Unido PDX.

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How to Become a Certified Community Navigator

Are you passionate about immigrant rights and fighting unjust deportation? Do you want to be able to connect immigrants in your community to free legal representation through the Equity Corps program?

Pueblo Unido has subcontracted with Innovation Law Lab to provide free trainings to people interested in becoming volunteer Community Navigators.

We invite you to join us for our next free Equity Corps Navigator Training opportunities led by Pueblo Unido PDX and hosted by Centro Latino Americano and Catholic Community Services.

  • Date: Monday, December 9 from 9am - 1:05pm
  • Location: Centro Latino Americano (944 W. 5th Ave. Eugene, OR 97401)

Sign up for the training here, or use the form below.

Why Become a Community Navigator?

In 2017, the Oregon Ready coalition found that legal representation is the most predictive factor in whether someone will win their case against deportation or not. Because immigration is civil--not criminal--law, however, the government is not required to provide legal counsel to those who cannot afford to hire their own. Private legal representation can cost between $8,000-$15,000 for a removal defense case, and there are few low-cost, language-specific legal resources for immigrants facing deportation in Oregon. As a result, most people facing deportation are forced to represent themselves in immigration court, and are consequently less likely to win their cases against removal.

Community Navigators play a crucial role in addressing this gap in legal services, preventing family separation, and building more just communities. Certified Navigators perform intake interviews and help people facing deportation submit applications for free legal representation through the Equity Corps program. In this way, Navigators can give people in their communities the best possible chance to win their cases against deportation and achieve the legal right to remain in this country with their families.