Call for Stories

Call for Stories

We are collecting stories from community members in order to inform our local and national advocacy priorities, to evaluate our current programs, and to support fundraising activities. Specifically we are collecting stories from people who:

  • Are unaccompanied minors and have experienced trafficking or exploitative labor conditions.

  • Are Indigenous language speakers and have encountered barriers to legal and social services due to lack of access to interpretation in their language.

  • Are former or current clients of Pueblo Unido and would like to share their experiences with Pueblo Unido staff and programs such as ECO and the Oregon Worker Relief fund.

  • And finally, we are collecting stories from people who have other immigration experiences they would like to share.

If you would like to share your story or interaction with Pueblo Unido, please contact Carla Gonzalez, Operations Director of Pueblo Unido PDX, by phone at (503)-360-0327 or email Indigenous language interpretation will be provided.