Collective of Indigenous Interpreters of Oregon

What is CIIO?

Pueblo Unido is supporting the formation of the Collective of Indigenous Interpreters of Oregon (CIIO), a group of interpreters of Indigenous languages from regions presently-known as Mexico and Central America. CIIO aims to address barriers to legal and social services for speakers of Indigenous languages in Oregon, and to ensure just compensation and treatment for Indigenous interpreters.

Pueblo Unido hired Puma Tzoc as a full-time Coordinator of CIIO in September 2020. Puma is supporting CIIO by recruiting more members and arranging free training opportunities; offering support and advocacy for interpreters; facilitating collective bargaining efforts to ensure fair compensation and treatment for interpreters; planning outreach events, media, and informational materials for speakers of Indigenous languages; and, engaging with other Indigenous-led organizations in the Americas.

If you have questions about CIIO or are interested in becoming a member, please contact Puma by email at or by phone at 503-360-0314. If your organization is seeking an indigenous language interpreter, please complete the request form below and we will facilitate your search to the best of our ability.

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Watch this video from Puma Tzoc to learn more about the Oregon Indigenous Interpreters Collective (CIO) and how to join.