Community Feedback

Community Feedback Form

Clients, volunteers, or other community members can submit comments, compliments, or complaints about Pueblo Unido’s employees and services by completing the form below, or by contacting Pueblo Unido's Executive Director, Cam Coval, at To submit a complaint about Pueblo Unido's Executive Director, please contact Pueblo Unido’s Board President, Francisco Rodriguez, at or 971-319-2736.

Pueblo Unido PDX takes all reports seriously and is committed to conducting timely investigations in full compliance with the law, regulations, and the organization’s applicable policies and procedures. Pueblo Unido PDX will promptly and thoroughly investigate all reports of misconduct as discreetly and confidentially as practicable, but in some cases it may not be possible to keep all information completely confidential.

The investigation would generally include a private interview with the person making a report of misconduct. It would also generally be necessary to discuss allegations of misconduct with the accused individual and others who may have information relevant to the investigation. Pueblo Unido PDX’s goal is to conduct a thorough investigation, to determine whether misconduct occurred, and to determine what action to take if it is determined that improper behavior occurred. 

Upon completion of the investigation, Pueblo Unido PDX will inform the individual who made the complaint of the results of the investigation. If the investigation reveals that misconduct occurred, Pueblo Unido PDX will take immediate and appropriate corrective action against the offending party, which can include counseling, warnings, suspensions, and terminations. 

Individuals who report misconduct in good faith and those who cooperate with investigations into alleged misconduct will not be subject to retaliation.